The crime product that this is not forgiven.
Do not buy this.

This is illegal Bootleg made in Russia.
We are unrelated to this illegal Bootleg.
Fans having respect for Grand Funk Railroad should not buy this Bootleg.
Our message "BELIEVE" which we prized was copied.
Though we do not know a producer (an illegal supplier), a name of our site is written to there without permission.
However, we are unrelated !
We criticize this pirated edition clearly !!
and We declare it once again.

Music of GRAND FUNK and Name and all image etc, belong to a great musicians.
Nobody is usable without permission.
Our site wants to share a great achievement of the best rock band
with fans in the world.
All musical instruments and stuff on this site are personal collection.
Nothing is sold.

and we never use a name and an image of GFR for our personal profit.

and we never cooperate with somebody who infringes a right of GFR.

Please know it.
We are the ordinary fans who got on a wonderful locomotive with much GFR fans in the world .
We continue a trip of "Grand Funk Railroad" with many fans.

Keep it Shinin' On !!

Grand Funk Maniac